We have ...

" Machinery and Infrastructure which define are our strengths. We are well equipped to have better work process and quality of work. ..."

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We Continue to...

" Innovation at work (Kaizen) is an important and most focused area at work for redefining the productivity with out quality compromise..."

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Certs and Lic

" We have an experience of Twenty plus years to run an industry with all required Authorizations meeting safety standards.."

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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

… is to be a leader in design and manufacturing of electrical equipment achieving a technological breakthrough in power systems and industrial Integrity to simplify in view of making the most complex as most simplest to the sense of electrical industrial applications and process

We want to achieve our vision by…

1. Developing a strong infrastructure with a highly competent technical team through continuous training in all essential aspects to achieve the state of art technology.

2. Giving at most importance to environment preservation, human health and occupational safety along with maintaining the highest quality standard.

3. Provide and facilitate the most significant, competitive, feasible,adaptable, affordable and lucrative products to industries with least harm to environment and mankind and to ease the effort of measuring, understanding and applied sciences to their needs. …. and that is our Mission

Our Customers