Automated wire stripping machine

Wire Stripping is carried out using a wire stripper. It  involves removal of  insulation sleeve with out cutting the conductor strands. Wires of different gauge will be stripped at different length depending on the application and use. This is simply automated here, thus improving quality and quantity. Above all preserving one’s interest and effort into something more productive and qualitative.

Automated Clip Assembly

Base Assembly is one process in manufacturing, that involves conductor clips to be housed in the base in uniform direction and it is sealed in an ultrasonic welding process. These clips are inserted in an self organized pick and place system precisely.

Preplanishing tool

Pre-planishing is process of preparing or presetting the components to a required stage for expected working of the component. Here in this process, it involves for applying a compression force on the component at a calculated  position so that the component is permanently  reshaped as desired, Also to remove any unexpected bends or non -uniformity and re-shape as expected.

Coil Testing system

Winding Coils are subjected for resistance check a part of test to ensure tolerance and continuity. Resistance is measured with multi meter at ambient temperature. This is automated with Raspberry-pi. The Remote Temperature Detector values are read and temperature correction formula is applied dynamically for every coil that is tested . Report is implicitly created and stored for reference and future use.